How to remove $name and $currentEventDelay as part of a webrequest

I have a webCore piston that send a web request to an excel script webapp to upload power data. Everything seems to be working fine but there is two attributes that seems to be sending as part of the request. Is there any way to remove those param as part of the request or those are always hard-coded to be sent?

Here’s what my piston look like:

I don’t see it when I look at the trace log in the request ie:
Calculating (string) + (string) 8 >> (string)
+155ms ║║Sending external web request to:

Try feeding a mocking website like beeceptor with the same arguments and see if it shows up there also? I don’t see anything obvious in your piston that shows where those are coming from.

Edit your GET request and switch the ‘Send variables’ section to say ‘Variable’ instead of ‘Nothing selected’. If you have any variables selected delete them and switch back to ‘Nothing selected’. Then save it all and have another go.

haaaa, that was exactly it :slight_smile: guess i had some left over there, I did clear them up and now it’s good yay!

seems like a small bug :slight_smile:

Definitely a bug and I’ve reported it over on the webCoRE community forum.