How to Remove a Device

My Outdoor GE Plug Dongle wasn’t connecting after being stored. I use it for my Xmas lights. Anyways I used the Exclusion option and excluded it. Then Re-added to my Zwave Network. However the Old Connection for Plug Dongle still shows up on the app. How can I get rid of it? It shows Not Connected ofcourse

your replies are appreciated

You should be able to remove it either using the app or through the IDE. How to do it from the app depends on which app you’re using. Are you using the classic app or the new app?

Thankyou MinerJason for the replies. What does the acronym IDE mean?

I logged into Smartthings Website through my computer and Successfully REMOVED the ghost device.

Thankyou again

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment, and is the SmartThings website you logged in to where you can edit and create devices, device type handlers, and smartapps. Glad you were able to get it sorted out!

thankyou again. It’s community members like yourself that make Smartthings worthwhile. The Support Team…I can’t say soo much

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