How to reconfigure ZFM-80 switch using Smarthings Hub - Newbie

I am new to Smarthings, but have been able to setup 20 wall switches that integrates with my Amazon Echo, and it is working Ok.

One of my final installs was the ZFM-80US Fixture Switch Module to get my fireplace working. Got it running no problem, and Alexa can now start my fireplace… or the wall toggle switch can start the fireplace. Great! There is one thing I want though that I can figure out.

I want the external switch to be activated using a momentary switch. I want to press on the momentary switch to start the fireplace, and press it again to turn it off. This way, the toggle will never be out of sequence.

So, installing the momentary switch, I press it, and the fireplace turns on… but when I release, the fireplace goes off. This makes sense to me, as I have not programmed the ZFM-80US to work with a momentary switch.

This is where I am running into a dead end. I don’t know how to reconfigure the switch using the Smarthings Hub, or otherwise.

The instructions state there are parameter values 3(0x03) is default - Type C: rocker switch (short = on, open =off) and I think I need to change it to 1(0x01) - Tact switch (normal open). — I am not sure about that, but that’s what I think I need.

The problem is that I really don’t know how to adjust this. I really actually don’t know much at all about how to tweak anything on Smarthings… and admittedly a newbie to this. I have accessed my hub and devices here - - but can’t see where I can change anything but the device type.

Additionally, I can’t find any documentation on if or how the Smarthing Hub can change the parameters. Customer Support said the ZFM-80 wasn’t something they could help with and referred me to this forum. I can’t find anyone with the same question.

Any advice appreciated.

Check out the custom device handler I wrote for this.

Thanks for the tip, however at this point, I am not sure where to go to insert that code. I am clearly missing something, a basic step. If you could point me into the right direction on where to put that code, I would be grateful.


I just installed the ZFM-80 and it works fine in manual mode. (I extended power from a nearby switch). I have now installed my Smartthings hub, but there is no ZFM-80 listed under “switches and dimmers”. Do I need a z-wave controller, something like the Aeon Labs Minimote? What am I missing? I can’t find any info anywhere – seems like this should be easy-peasy.

Had to manually hit button to get in pairing mode and then it worked!