How to make lights with an IR remote work with SmartThings? (UK)

Been looking at some floodlights…

Any way to easily get these working and integrated with ST ?

Thanks in advance!

It’s an infrared remote, so they might work with the Harmony hub or another IR blaster, but it won’t be easy to set up. And the blaster has to be line of sight to each lamp.

So, maybe, but might not be worth the trouble. And setup will be tedious, whichever method you use.

FAQ: How to Use SmartThings with an IOT Device that has an IR Remote

Thanks for the reply.

It would be nice if there was some of these on the market that were ST Compatible!

Some of which? There are color changing smart bulbs which are compatible with smartthings particularly Aurora, Hue, IKEA, Innr, LIFX, Osram, and TPLink. What specifications did you need?

Broadlink stuff works well with Alexa, so you might be able to do something using this as ‘man in middle’. The Black Bean IR blaster can be had for less than 20 quid. I’ve done this with a ST button to control an automation in my bedroom. Very clunky to set up, but it’s entirely reliable.

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