How to make background color for power label in things tab

I use a power meter as switch indicator that a light is on. I have the device display all sorted out. It shows the power draw as primary 6x4 tile with a white background when it’s 0W and blue when it’s over 30W.

It also shows the power draw properly on the Things overview where it shows all devices.

What I cannot figure out is how to make the background blue in the Things overview when it draws more than 30W. Like when a switch is turned on and it shows a blue rectangle with white On written into it.

Is there also a way to make the text area in the tile a bit larger so that it doesn’t write in two lines like
but everything in one line like
35.4 W
It’s one line if it’s 0 W.

i believe that colored rectangle is only shown in the things tab when you can execute an action from the things tab, otherwise the value is colored and not background