How to locate a Team experienced in SmartThings platform?

Hi, Everyone.
I have a client and project scope. Only thing missing is a Development Team. It’s a very hard thing to search for on the web. Is there such thing as a Samsung Certified SmartThings developer? Can you help point me towards a design house that is experienced in hardware / software projects? Thanks.

Smartthings is in the middle of a major transition: new app, new hub, new cloud platform. The certification program applies to the new platform, and has its own website:

SmartThings has a certification program for Device Handlers, but not for the developers / engineers. They do not have any training courses or exams.

Your best bet is to post as much detail as possible about your project as if it were a job description and solicit applicants (or consultants).

There are various folks here, including myself, with a lot of experience - and will deserve appropriate compensation.

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Thank you very much for the good advice.

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Thank you very much for the link.

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