How to intergrate Denon X2600 Receiver + HEOS

Just received my new Denon AVR-X2600-H receiver. It comes with network ability, Heos and more.
I wish to connect it to Smartthings and Harmony, but i am wondering what would be the best way to do this? Anyone with a denon receiver and smartthings got this working?

I’ve read some topics on the forum about Denon receivers and Heos but still unlcear how to do it.
Also the Harmony does not recognise my model receiver, i can get it to work though if i just select the x2500 in the harmony setup.

What i wish to get is some basic control over the receiver. Also the Heos app could give some nice options if i somehow could make it work with harmony and/or smartthings. Ideally i want to have a bunch of buttons on action tiles with different radio stations and spotify playlists. Just click and play!

Right now i only use my receiver for my 5.1 set. But if i can get everything to work properly with smartthings i will buy some additional Heos speakers to put around the house. At that point probably voice control and voice notifications will become interesting aswell.

Any help and tips are very welcome!

Hey @John010.

I too have a Denon HEOS Amp and also a clutch of other HEOS speakers, some wired, some WiFi. I too was interested in integrating them into Smartthings but I only got as far as using the DLNA Player project to get them connected. I then used BigTalker2 to trigger a HEOS message if a movement sensor was triggered. Then I stopped, a lot of work and troubleshooting for little benefit I felt and we mainly just use the HEOS speakers from the Spotify app so the kids can play different music in different rooms.

I’d be interested in learning and doing more though, so please come back and share your own experiences.

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Actually i have little experience so far. I tried several things and got them working partly. I found no total solution so far. Much of the stuff i found would be much to complicated for me to do anyway. Would just take too many hours of research.
I see you mainly talk about the speach option, but im mainly focussed on the multimedia part. What i initially wanted was to have playlists, radio stations etc as tiles on action tiles. Just tab on a playlist and it starts playing, seemed like a pretty straight forward idea to me. But im not sure if im gonna figure this out. I will soon have some time to have another go at it.
How have your experiences been since?

I just installed a Denon x2500 receiver. Trying to get it connected to SmartThings and Alexa to be able to simplify running various actions with voice commands through Alexa. I have the Denon x2500 connected to Alexa but only ON/OFF functionality. Would like to change inputs and control volume also through Alexa. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Hope your Alexa is working good with Denon

Can you help me? I have Harmony Élite and Denon AVR X-2500H, but I’m not able to connect HEOS to Harmony. The support site of Harmony says that it’s possibile, I followed the instruction but nothing. I’m only able to command AVR with Harmony normally, via IR, but not able to use HEOS functionality.

So far the best thing i found to use for this receiver can be found here: [OBSOLETE] Denon Network AV Receivers

With that app i get most of the basic functions like on/off, change input etc working.

For video i have pretty much everything working with just a single click. Tv, pc, netflix, kodi, plex etc.
But I still have not found a way yet to do the same with audio. I actually am not able to hear any kind of audio in any way by just a single click. Its still a hassle to turn on the radio or listen to spotify.
Still looking for a way to add tiles to action tiles with various spotify playlists and radio stations. Just click n play.
Anyone has something like this up and running yet?