How to install Edge Drivers

Hi, Ive been with ST for a while and very use to the IDE with DTH etc , but now in the new world of Edge Drivers I’m baffled.

So a number of my apps have stops working as part of the retirement of the ide, so to replace the garden hue app that I used to change my LED colours I found an edge driver Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc driver. I also installed the Smartthings CLI and authorised it correctly. But now I need help please as I cannot find what the CLI commands are to install this edge driver. Could somebody explain please as I thik this will be the first of many I will need to install. Many thanks Andy

You need the invitation link of the author.
This driver probably were developed by @Mariano_Colmenarejo

Hi , yes it was How do I find the invitation link , sorry new to the edge drivers

Andrew, link below.

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Thank you , I think I’m starting to understand it a bit. Enrolled and installed the driver, but how do I associate that driver to the RGB module device ? Looked at device and there is no option to change driver. I tried running an add device scan as ive seen that install the edge drivers, but it didnt this time

Andrew, you dont need to use the CLI to install most drivers. You just have to find the channel invite like the one I provided above for Mariano’s channel and then accept and enrol your hub and then install the drivers you want from that channel.

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Thanks Michael , Done that and it worked but still trying to figure how I use it in the app, sorry if i’m sounding thick.

You have to remove the device and then pair it again and it should pair with the new driver. Make sure you dont have any custom DTH’s for that device in the IDE or it will pair with that DTH again. You can also wait and eventualy ST should migrate the device to the driver.

Keep in mind that any routine that uses that device when you remove it may be deleted if it is the only device in the routine. What you can do is change the device in the routine to another device or virtual device and then change it back after you have added the device back to ST.

Try the community FAQ and see if that helps clear up any of the confusion. :thinking:

Installation instructions are in point 2 of the FAQ.

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

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Andrew, also setup the below API. It provides a lot of good information like the IDE did but about Edge.

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Thank you , Tried the API browser and its pretty good … Like it

Did try to remove device and re-install but still not using edge driver so might have wait until ST moves it over.

Appreciate all the help thank you

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Start with one sensor such as a door or window from smartthings. Just remove the device & repair & it should switch over to the new driver. Thats what i did & just ask questions which is what also i did. You will get comfortable doing it as time progresses. Samaung is too slow moving everything over.

If the device you tried was running on a custom DTH, you’ll need to remove the custom DTH in order for device discovery to select the edge driver. That, of course, is problematic if you’ve got several devices using the same custom DTH.


Right now, custom groovy device type handlers are still operational, so the priority sequence during this transition time gives them a higher priority than edge drivers.

That means that in order to manually transfer from a custom device type handler to an edge driver at the current time you must:

  1. If you have any routines that use the device, they may be deleted when you do the next steps in this process. :scream: So you have to manually change those to temporarily use a different device, or a virtual device, to keep the routines from being deleted.

  2. As @Terri_Baker notes below, the following step is absolutely critical: make sure that the exact fingerprint of your device is included in the custom edge driver that you want to use. Not just the same model name. Not something close. But an exact match. If you are not sure, ask the author of the edge driver to confirm that your fingerprint is included.

  3. Delete the device from your account. (After you do this, check the IDE as well: some people have said they have to delete device in two places to make it work.)

  4. Delete the custom DTH from your account using the IDE. Note that you will not be able to get it back again, so be sure you want to do this. :thinking:

  5. Subscribe to the new custom edge driver. You do this by following a channel link that the author gives you and selecting the edge drivers that you want to have downloaded to your own hub. This normally only takes a few minutes, but it can take longer.

  6. Open the SmartThings app, go to the device tile for your hub, and check the drivers that you have installed. Make sure the new driver that you want is listed there before proceeding.

  7. If this is a physical Z wave or Zigbee device, Put your device into pairing mode. (see the user manual for instructions)

  8. now use the smartthings app to add a device using “scan nearby.” it should now pick up the custom edge driver.

  9. If you have more than one custom edge driver on your hub that matches the fingerprints of the device, it will randomly pick one. After that, go to the device in the app, select the three dot menu to open up “more“ choices, choose “driver“ and you will be able to switch to a different driver on your hub if you want to.

  10. Now go back into any of the routines that you had to change in step one and change them to use the correct device.

And if that seems like a lot of work, it is, which is why many people are just waiting for the automatic migration to happen.

Here’s a link to the official transition FAQ that explains the priority sequence during this transition time while both architectures are still operating.


Make sure you are adding devices by choosing “Scan”, not by device type or brand.

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I will also add that before you delete the custom DTH make sure your devices EXACT fingerprint is listed in the edge driver or it will not pair. You can see the fingerprint in the IDE if its still paired with a DTH and you can search the forum thread for the device or you can look in github. If you have problems post the fingerprint information and well try to help.


Hi ,
I am having difficulty getting individual child switch created i am using edge driver .

I am trying control and rename individual switch for all child entry

Please help.
See my settings