How to get notification when cumulative on time reaches 100 minutes?

WebCore easily handled this. Any ideas on how to keep track of how many minutes a switch is ON over the course of weeks of cycling and notify when the cumulative time reaches a predetermined number of minutes? This is needed to know when my chlorine pump has emptied my bottle and needs replacement.

Don’t think you can do that with standard routines or rules. Sharptools can do it with variables, however, it will require their premium level service.

You could also try this:Requesting EDGE driver to accumulate time (see post #11 for edge driver) - #11 by TAustin

It’s one of @TAustin’s unique solutions. It would be local as well. I haven’t used it but imagine you can ask questions in the driver thread.

Good luck!

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Indeed, I think my driver pointed to by @Rodd62 could give you a solution. It is available from my channel here, and is called Edge Counter Utility V1.

Also, here is an example of its use: Notify someone if NO movement within a period of time


I had a similar use case for humidifiers that I tried and failed to implement in WebCORE a few years ago. I was aware of the Edge Counter but didn’t make the connection to try again. Great suggestion.