How to debug CoREs (are the logs?)



My Aeon Minimotes stopped working as expected… essentially button presses just get completely ignored and are not processed by my Pistons as I’d expect. I see the events in my IDE logs… how does CoRE handle logging? Is there another place to stream info on what’s going on? I’ve seen a dashboard that shows state but it’s slow to respond (it’s not a stream so I’m almost certainly missing things). What’s next?

(Alan) #2

I put ‘print’ statements or ‘Send Push Notifications’ at almost all my steps while I’m creating my piston. So before each action, like turn on light, put a send push notification to make sure you are at least getting to this point in your code.

(Robin) #3

Watch the CoRE dashboard whilst trying to trigger your piston.

Sections go Blue in realtime as they become true, and currentEventDevice etc update.

(Chris) #4

Enable debugging in the CoRE app by going to settings…

Then enable debugging in each individual piston that you want to see by going into the piston and expanding the Advanced section…

After this, you can see logs for enabled pistons in IDE.


Thanks - that’s basically what I was looking for!

Follow up - I’m trying to debug why a specific Aeon Minimote stopped working properly. I could swear that for a while the wrong pistons were executing, which could be a piston or minimote issue, however, now zero of the either functions work. I can see in the iOS app that the minimote is clearly still activating button pushes as I expect (all eight pushes show up). I have pistons that I haven’t changed in weeks that no longer work and, despite that I know how to enable debug logging, I have literally zero events logged when I push the button.

I tend to blame CoRE as the remote is charged, the hub is still paired, and I can see the button pushes exactly as I’d expect when I look at the “thing” in my app. Where else can I look to figure out what’s wrong? I’m sure it’s something I did… I just don’t know what…??