How to change a TV channel within a routine?

some months ago I purchased a Samsung Projector The Premiere LSP9T. I’m able to remote-control it with Smartthings app from Apple App Store, the TV can be switched on and off and I can also change channels using the app.
But when creating a routine my only option is to turn on/ off the projector and make some screen and audio settings. I thought for getting more options to control my Samsung projector from a routine a Smartthings hub would be needed. But now there is a Aeotec GP-AEOHUBV3EU hub running in my network and nothing has changed.

Could someone please explain how I can change TV channesl within a routine?


Unfortunately, just because there are options on the device card to control the device doesn’t mean those options are exposed for Routines/Automations. This is a frustrating aspect of how devices are defined on the ST platform where you may be able to manually control some aspect of a device but not automate that aspect. Best you can do is submit a feature request to add that capability to the ST app for that device.

Adding an Aeotec hub will not change anything to do with the projector. That hub is used for connecting Z-Wave, Zigbee, and Thread devices to the ST platform. Your projector is a Wi-Fi device and the ST app communicates with it over the Internet through the ST cloud.

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