How to bind IKEA Rodret Control with Sonoff Zigbee Relay?

could you give me idiot proof instructions for binding the redret to sonoff relays in SmartThings using touchline as above
? the relays are installed and working fine and the redret shows in SmartThings as a Zigbee device at present

@JDRoberts wiil answer as he knowledgeably wishes and I will accept that, but personally in a escenario that you are asking for I would guarantee absolutely nothing.

redret shows in SmartThings as a Zigbee device at present

With which driver and what type of device is it?

I’m sorry, I don’t know any of the details about the sonoff. You will need to post which exact model it is, though, for others to be able to help you. Sonoff uses different Zigbee profiles for different models. :thinking:

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Sonoff zbmini relay

Not entirely sure what you mean re binding the rodret button to the sonoff relay.
Both the a mini and presumably ¹ the button are paired to the hub, but not to each other, unless touchlink is possible,
If the button if successfully paired and registers button presses if examined by pressing button while looking at the rodret in the SmartThings ui and it shows “button pressed” or similar then you can control the relay with the button by creating routines.

Update: I looked at the manual for rodret, it does not make any mention of touchlink pairing. With other IKEA remotes like the tradfri hockey puck one you can pair them directly to a bulb by pressing pairing button for 10 seconds and holing remote VERY close to the bulb, but I think this then loses the button from SmartThings.

Update 2: I tried pairing a IKEA wireless outlet remote with an IKEA bulb in touchlink mode, this works, the bulb maintains its pairing with SmartThings but the remote can’t be used in routines since the key presses are consumed directly by the bulb. I also tried the same with a STYRBAR remote and this did not work.
I’d say your chances of touchlink pairing with rodret and a sonoff relay are fairly slim.

Tradfri remote manual with touchlink pairing instructions

For example routine to turn on the relay triggered by pressing the on button on the rodret, and similar routine for off.

¹ note, I had noticed others complaining that rodret was not working with SmartThings, dunno if that is now resolved.
If you mean touchlink binding by binding the button to relay I have some doubt this will work but I’d be delighted if you tell me it does.
IKEA buttons will bind to IKEA bulbs and control outlets directly but I think if you attempt this after pairing with SmartThings it loses SmartThings pairing (ages since I tried this so can’t be sure)

Been thinking more about this today…
I was irritated that the STYRBAR remote wouldn’t pair directly with the IKEA bulbs despite the instructions implying it would .
So I hunted out my old IKEA gateway, set it up, installed the app, paired the 2 STYRBAR remotes I had to it and then let the IKEA gateway update the remotes Firmware…
This updated them from 1.0.024 to 2.4.5.
Despite this neither of these will pair directly with IKEA bulbs.

FWIW my experience with the touch pairing of IKEA remotes with their lights has been very erratic. Pairing to another light in the next room, disabling the hub pairing of the light etc etc.
Decided to avoid it, especially as I don’t have an IKEA hub to update firmware.

Yeah it’s flaky at best. Think I might just give up on it.
I also paired an IKEA shortcut button to the IKEA gateway to see if it updated firmware on the shortcut button to improve the rubbish battery life. The IKEA app says the button is up to date but it’s not.
App shows 2.3.015
Ikea change log shows 24.4.6 address battery performance issue.
Dunno why app thinks it’s up to date even after a gateway reboot :confused: