How smart things manage the online/offline status

When we set the power control to off the device such as Light/ TV still returns the online status and we can turn it on through Smartthings. I’m wondering when we set these devices to off is the device is completely turned off or it’s basically on standby mode? and which mechanism provides these devices to manage the online/ offline status?

Smart devices internal computers have to be on when the device is off or they would not be able to “hear” a command to turn the device on.

So, kind of in a standby mode.

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SmartThings uses the term “offline” to mean the same thing that many other platforms mean when they say a device is “unreachable.”

It’s not about power status. It’s about whether messages sent to the device will reach it.

I have asked for more technical details about when the system decides to mark a device as “offline” since quite often other systems, such as Alexa or Google Home, don’t have any problems controlling the same device. But I have not received an answer with details yet. :thinking:

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