How should I go about integrating the Guardzilla HD Indoor/Outdoor Camera?

Hey all

I recently purchased the Guardzilla Indoor/Outdoor cam in hopes that it would have integration with SmartThings like advertised, but unfortunately it doesn’t. Since I have knowledge in programming I would be interested in programming my own integration if at all possible.

I’m looking for pointers as to where I should start, unless someone else has already made an integration which would be cool to check out.


Does it have an IFTTT channel?

The app says it can integrate with IFTTT applets

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That is the route you will need to explore - using their IFTTT applets

How do I get IFTTT to work with SmartThings?

Hopefully this st support article will help you get started…

Interesting that they advertise SmartThings integration. So they are either lying or waiting on SmartThings themselves.

IKR! I contacted customer support from Guardzilla and they were like “You have to contact SmartThings, its their issue,” and then SmartThings told me “Its not an official device”

Thanks for the help.

I don’t see the ability to view the camera from SmartThings :disappointed_relieved: but otherwise, this is very helpful

The new Ecobee switch is in the same position. They advertise works with SmartThings, but there is no way to add it. The difference being Ecobee has many more users. SmartThing’s backlog of approving devices is really becoming a problem.

What is the code behind the IFTTT. I got it working, however I like programming rather than just selecting.

That I do not know. I do not use IFTTT but if you go through the following thread on blink cams, they discuss the IFTTT option in detail after blink discontinued the integration with ST and moved to IFTTT applets. I assume there are some similarities between the two products but at least it gets you on the right path. Go to the bottom portion of that thread.

Or hopefully someone can chime in and offer more assistance than I can provide. :slight_smile:

What type of integration are you looking to do with SmartThings? If it is to simply arm and disarm your Guardzilla camera, then the IFTTT route already can assist with that.

A SmartThings virtual switch can be the trigger and then arm/disarm the Guardzilla camera be the action. And by utilizing a SmartThings virtual switch, that opens up usage of webCoRE as well.

I have been thinking more about this, since I also have a Guardzilla but haven’t been using it much. I was disappointed after using it for a while because it wasn’t part of my Smart Home setup. I’m not sure when the IFTTT channel for it was started, but when I saw this thread I became immediately interested.

Now I can easily envision tying this into my webCoRE routines for arming after the last person has left, and for when the last person has gone to bed. Of course also then disarming on first person to arrive and at Sunrise.