How Many smart home hubs do you use

Hi to everybody.

I would like to know how many smarthome hubs you use in your home. Because I have the feeling that I am exaggerating

I use

2 Smartthings Hubs ( the first run out of memory )

2 Switchbot Hub 2 . One for controll devices, one as IR blaster

1 Hue Bridge . Only for Hue Play ( ambilight …)

1 Tuya Hub for cheap Tuya devices

1 FritzBox Hub vor AVM Dect Devices.

So in total I use 5 Hubs . Is this to much ?

All are connected via Matter to Smartthings.

How many do you use ?

Thanks for the information

Different people will have different setups, depending on their use cases and their personal preferences. :thinking:

Personally, I was a network engineer before I ever started using SmartThings for my own use. I have no fear of multiple hubs/bridges as long as each is serving its purpose and has an MFOP (maintenance free operating period) of at least 6 months. This has historically not been a problem at our house except for SmartThings, which does tend to require more hands on maintenance than the other systems we use.

We are 3 adult housemates living in an 1800 square foot house, so pretty typical in terms of household size. However, I myself am quadriparetic (use a wheelchair and have limited hand function), so we do have a couple of systems that most people probably wouldn’t have, like a medical monitoring system.
So here’s what we’ve got:

SmartThings Station, mostly so we can use Matter with SmartThings

Lutron SmartBridge
2 Philips Hue Bridges
Two separate camera base stations (different brands, but both work with Alexa and Apple Home)
SwitchBot Hub 2
SwitchBot Mini Hub
Solar Energy system base station
Third Reality Mini hub
Flic hub LR
Logitech Harmony Hub (discontinued model, but we have it set up in the family room where it’s controlling several devices, including some battery operated candles)
Old iPhone used as an iBeacon receiving station
4 aqara hubs of different types, including 2 camera hubs. All work as Matter bridges. (I want to eventually get the Aqara M3, which will tie all of these into one network, but I’m waiting for a sale.)
Level lock connect WiFi bridge
Another brand of lock WiFi bridge
2 echo devices with Zigbee hubs inside (this gives us a few Zigbee devices which then have local voice control, our Plan B for if the Internet is out since I am largely dependent on voice control)
Multiple Apple HomePod minis which are also thread border routers
Ring Lighting hub
BroadLink hub (used for an automatic door opener system, which doesn’t work with anything else)
Bhyve sprinkler system
Kumo cloud stations (used for voice control of Mitsubishi hvac system)
Standalone security system with zwave add ons
Standalone Smoke Detector system (we use acoustic detectors to bring The alerts into other systems)
Standalone medical monitoring system

So that’s about 3 dozen, not counting smart televisions and streaming boxes, which technically have some bridge functions.

Plus we have several smart appliances with their own WiFi connections that all have voice control, including microwave, kitchen faucet, washing machine, robot vacuum, air purifiers, etc.

Everything works with Alexa, Apple Home, or preferably both.

I have friends who run very different setups. Some are 100% zwave. Some try to bring everything into home assistant, although sometimes other bridges are required, depending on the devices they select. Some use only Tuya. I have two friends in Europe using only Homey, which has more radios than anything else widely available, but the North American version doesn’t have 433 mhz support, so I haven’t really looked into it.

So as always, different things will work for different people. I don’t think any number is too much or too little as long as it’s working well for you. :sunglasses:


Aeotec Smartthings Hub V3

Tapo H100

The Tapo H100 acts as a Matter over WiFi bridge for ~20 sensors and some switches. 5 KE100 thermostat radiator valves are also connected to it, but they are not exposed as Matter devices.

I actually love the Tapo sensors, because they are tiny compared to other brands, stylish and very reliable.

All of my smart bulbs and plugs are Matter over Thread and directly connected to the Aeotec. Buttons, smoke detectors, IR blaster are Zigbee for now until Thread alternatives come to market.

In the last three months I reduced the amount of WiFi devices from 16 to 8, mostly cameras and air purifier.


One location has:
ST v2 hub
Echo v4 with ZigBee and Thread
Switch Bot mini hub (pre-matter)
Tuya ZigBee hub
Halo Bluetooth to WiFi hub.

2nd location has:
ST v2 hub
ST Station
Tuya ZigBee to Matter Bridge


I have one location:
(2) v3 Hubs
(1) v2 Hub
(3) Switchbot Mini’s (for IR and Bluetooth devices)
(2) Google Home Max Displays (For devices that are designed for GH that can’t be brought into ST’s directly
(1) Harmony Hub, still working for now, but just for my entertainment system.

I’ve tried my best to not have a lot of disparate hubs and make ST’s the master record of all my devices.


I started with an Energenie MiHome hub and ~20 devices which I have now retired.
One location, one SmartThings V2 hub (I do have spare V2s)
I only buy Zigbee and Z-Wave devices that are known to work with SmartThings or can be made to work with SmartThings (I had to write edge drivers for my Z-Wave heating and hot water devices).
Postscript: I also have an Amazon Echo V4 (used extensively to control SmartThings devices), but do not use it as a Zigbee hub.


Two locations, two SmartThings v2 hubs (one in each home). Also have Echo devices (Alexa, or “Our Girl” when speaking of her so she won’t try to do something stupid!) in both locations that can talk to SmartThings and other systems–it’s another story entirely how I got 'em to work with two SmartThings hubs at two locations with some Devices/Routines/Scenes named the same(!)–and some stand-apart systems like MyQ garage door openers, Rheem EcoNet heat pump water heater, Hydrawise irrigation controller, and Enlighten solar panels at the main location that each talk to nothing but their own app. Oh, and good old Sonos–with which, as an early adopter, I have a love/hate relationship–but rely upon daily–at both locations that also converse with Alexa.

Try to make it all intuitive… :wink:

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1 location with 2 V3 hubs, one broadlink hub,
2 google homes and 1 alexa.
I prefer to only buy/use devices that work with smartthings only and only have a few wifi devices.


1 location with 1x Smartthings V2 hub,
1 Amazon HD8 with Alexa (no matter support)
I mainly use Z-Wave and Zigbee devices with @Mariano_Colmenarejo drivers and never needed more hubs. 135 square meters (or 1450 square feet) home. No cameras…


SmartThings v2 hub,
Sonoff 433RF BridgR2 (433rf to wifi)
Google Home (2 nest mins and 3 nest hub)
Netgear night hawk mesh for wifi

it all started with my kiwkset zigbee dead bolt lock.i have a bunch of plugs and lights but my favorites are the sensors that tell me my wash and dryer are done (dumb machines made smart) and my rf key fob that unlocks and locks my front door and various other things like turn on and off different lights.


Here is what I have for my one location:

  • ST v2
  • ST v3 (Idle with no devices yet)
  • Hue Hub
  • (2) Logitech Harmony Hub
  • Lutron SmartBridge
  • IKEA Dirigera Hub (used to update IKEA device firm wear)
  • SwitchBot Hub 2
  • Flic Hub
  • (2) Apple Home Pod mini
  • Habitat C7 Hub (Experimental. Thought about migration to it at one point)

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I have a smartthings a hubitat 8 pro and Echo 4th gen.

And first prize goes to @cavallino47.
That is a lot of hubs.

Not exactly first: as listed in my post above, I have more than 30. Just sayin’… :wink:

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I agree @JDRoberts has more! Out of the 12 I have only 9 are actively used.

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All of mine are actively used.

Since I am quadriparetic, Home Automation is much more than a hobby for me, and for each use case I will select the specific device that gives me the best solution for that use case, even if it doesn’t integrate with my other devices. I know that’s not what everyone is looking for, but over the years it is what has worked best for me. Again, assuming that the solution is reliable and doesn’t require frequent maintenance.

For example, most smart locks are not physically compatible with my automatic door opener, So on that door, I had to use a Bluetooth brand which is different from everything else, but got tied in through BroadLink to Alexa. It wasn’t my first (or second, or third) choice, but it ended up being a workable solution, even if it did require yet another hub.

I have a “Home Automation“ folder on my iPad which has more than 40 apps in it, but I hardly ever use the apps unless I’m adding a new device. My primary on-demand user interface is voice, and otherwise almost everything is running off routines. My preferred app is Apple Home Because it offers good voice navigation, so if I do need to do something in an app, that’s usually the one I choose. And I typically get notifications on my Apple Watch.

So yes, I have dozens of different hubs, but any given use case has a working hands-free solution, which is all I need. and visitors to my home have no idea it’s not all one system.

Choice is good. :sunglasses:


OMG, @JDRoberts, you have nearly as many hubs as I have devices.
I stand corrected.
Dear me, how do you stay on top of all that management?

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Punch lists. :wink:

But honestly, most of them are set and forget.

The automatic door opener was put in about three years ago with the BroadLink hub. I haven’t opened the BroadLink app since. I use Alexa routines for the automation.

The Lutron app only gets opened if I’m adding a new Lutron device, and that doesn’t happen often. Those automations are managed in Apple home.

I haven’t touched the Harmony app for probably four years. I haven’t been adding any new devices to it, but it’s easier to keep using it for the ones it is set up for than to move them over to one of my other IR blasters.

Aqara keeps adding new features, so I do visit their app fairly often to take advantage of those.

But mostly, I am a problem solver in the sense that I buy devices to solve specific problems. Once the solution is in place, I don’t typically revisit it as long as it’s working fine.


The hub currently in use

  • Smarthings hub v2
  • Smarthings station
  • Hue hub
  • Harmony hub
  • Aqara E1 hub
  • Apple tv hub
  • Homeassistant (just testing)
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