How does find Client Secret (which are necessary to complete OAuth work flow) for the published apps

Hi All,
When we created SmartThings app, we didn’t use Client Secret and we did not realize the importance , so didn’t save it.

After release, now we want to implement the data reporting to improve the user experience, and then found that data reporting requires Client ID and Client Secret to complete OAuth work flow.

But we found that the Client Secret of the published app cannot be obtained in the console, prompting "Regenerate client secret is disabled for published connectors to avoid app outage ",

So want to know how to retrieve the Client Secret?

Hi, @ch_ly! Welcome to the SmartThings Community.
As we require private information to see how we can solve your situation, please send an email to with the following:

  • Type of integration (OAuth, ST Schema)
  • App ID

We’ll continue the support there. Thanks!

I have sent the email, but I haven’t received any reply yet. The email address is [REDACTED], please kindly check it

Sorry for the delay, we didn’t receive your email but don’t worry I started a new thread, please check your emails and reply to me there.
I suggest you don’t post any personal information in the public thread, for safety reasons. Instead, you can send a private message, just go to this page (replace “USER” with yours)