How do you add a mode in iOS?

Spent significant time trying to even find modes.

Finally found them in “More->Gear” but it’s just a list with no ability to edit/add/delete.

Does anyone know how to add a mode in iOS ? I found some old threads that it was accidentally removed but seriously has it never been added back in?

Only from IDE web interface as far as I know…

OK that’s CRAZY! Modes are used all over in the app but you can’t manage them in the app. Very Smart Thingsistic :slight_smile:

Personally I agree that it would make sense to manage thru app, but on the other hand, a valid argument would be it’s mostly an initial setting & not something adjusted on a regular basis. Think about it, there are so many dependencies (based upon how I would believe the majority of ST users utilize automation) on modes that any alteration would likely require major overhaul of multiple automation rules. So much so that I’d actually cringe to the thought of adding to/modifying my 7 modes (HOME, AWAY, NIGHT HOME, NIGHT AWAY, GUEST, VACATION, MANUAL) because virtually every automation I have is limited to/or changes based upon the specific mode.

Thanks @JDRoberts I found that page but was hoping that given they broke the ability to add modes in September 2016 it would have been fixed by now…I know stupid of me to think that, I know I should know better but seriously this is ridiculous to be missing. This has to generate more work in support calls then it ever code be work to just fix it! I mean the list exists in the app just add a “add button” and make the list items clickable to edit/delete. How hard is that. Man I just get so frustrated when I need to work with this system.

@rxsamg, that is why I don’t use modes at home at all. I only use them at work where I have 3 Things, haha. At home I have over 40 things and there is no way I want to manage modes.

Man I wish this system just had a rules engine that made sense. I spend hours just finding stuff in the app every time I want to make a small change. It took me forever to find “Something, Left Open” because I never realized it was in “Energy Management”, living in Hawaii leaving a door open isn’t a energy issue as much as it is a security issue. I was expecting to find it in “Safety & Security”. Since they removed “Search” from the add smart app section I can never find anything!

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Have you tried CoRE? It can pretty much accomplish anything any of the individ smart apps can do, but with one app. 80-90% of all my automations are run thru this one highly versatile rules engine

I have not yet. As a developer I don’t mind writing my own smart apps and this gives me very specific control over things. I think CoRE could give me more rules engine like control but I am reluctant to use it after getting into using Rule Machine and having it pulled out. I worry that SmartThings will eventually mess up CoRE also so I have been avoiding it so far. I should give it a try though.

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@Ron Well, you should be aware that CoRE is currently in the process of being reworked as WebCore. I don’t believe Its close to being functionally released yet but personally I use CoRE & find it very capable for my automatons. I would definitely try it with full knowledge of the situation going in. Do a forum search for each & you’ll find plenty of details