How do I make Simple DTH Modification for Contact Sensors in New App?

Hi all,
Under the smartthings classic I’ve made my own DTHs (by copying the standard examples and making tiny modifications). The extent of my modifications is to change the “open” and “close” display to “OK” and “Alarm” and change the icon for both states, and maybe the color (green for OK, red for Alarm). I do this to make things easier for my parents they have some contact sensors set to relays on other systems like the sump pump backup box. We also use some contact sensors with a USB cord to detect power outages so the “open” and “close” we changed to “Power Outage” and “AC Power”.

I’ve been trying to read thru what I need to do to the DTHs to make them work with the new app. Just adding VID and mnmn info didn’t seem to work. Do I have to use this complex CLI thing to make these very simple display related changes now?

Appreciate any help in advance!

yup. you aren’t using the standard definition for contact sensor capability.


Ugh, thanks for the quick response but this sucks. It was so easy before to change the label, color, and icon. Even a dummy like me could do it!