How do I create my 2nd virtual Echo switch


I created my first Alexa switch is working perfectly, but how do I create my 2nd Alexa switch? I followed the link below on creating my first one and all went good. but am getting an error when I go to add a new device- I fill in the fields and click ‘create’ I get an error message- 500: internal server error… URI/device/save I’m basically going through the same process again

any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Here’s what I followed to create the first one- How To Make Any Alexa Enabled Device Work With SmartThings

Unfortunately that tutorial is out of date due to the transition away from Groovy code. Your best bet for virtual devices is to use this Edge beta driver:


Thank you! I was successfully able to use this to make a contact sensor and link it with my Echo. It was super simple, too! Thank again…

good luck -Jim

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