How come Sonos custom message is only capable of two or three words?

If I type in a phrase that’s longer than 2-3 words or about 5 syllables, it gets cut off. Is this a bug or is there a way to make it say more?

Mine says 19 words in one of my apps. Make sure you are using the latest version of their notify me with sonos app. I think the old version had that bug.

Just delete your app and install through the dashboard +

I have a similar issue with the “Sonos Weather Forecast” app. 8 out of 10 times it cuts off the forecast at the beginning.

What is dashboard +? How do you get there?

go to the dashboard view and scroll to the bottom. hit the + symbol.

Scroll to speakers, sonos labs, top alerts and actions, sonos notify with sound.

@greg I just deleted all my ‘Sonos Notify with Sound’ and deleted my ‘Sonos Connect’. I then re-installed the ‘Sonos Connect’ and re-added all my ‘Sonos Notify with Sound’.

I’m still having sentences cutoff at times. The one that seems to cutoff most frequently is 11 words long. Any other thoughts?


I get this in rooms with more than one speaker. Do others see this correlation?

I used to get this constantly. I then upgraded my lower end Belkin router to an ASUS and haven’t had the problem since.
Seems too consistent now for it to be coincidence.

Sorry I don’t. Mine works very well, even with 11 words or more

Check with support that you have the latest hub firmware. Once mine was updated it happens much less.

@beckwith The room that I am sending my Sonos custom messages is the living room which contain a Playbar, 2 Sonos Play 1s, and the subwoofer. I will try sending the custom messages to another room with only one speaker to see if there is improvement.

Is there a fix to this? I really seems intermittent with my different Sonos.

@beckwith I tested as thoroughly as possible on my Sonos system.

When sending to a single speaker (not part of a group) SmartThings works as expected. Anytime I send to my living room Playbar that is part of a group of speakers it will always cutoff long sentences.

I tried to send to one of the Play 1s in the Playbar group and the SmartThings log displays this error:

HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
203 bytes, body = 0 bytes, sid = 

Any thoughts? @Ben

One thing I did to solve my issue which is not a fix is to include ‘Tomorrows Forecast’ in my weather report as only the last few words are cut off. At least I can receive the weather report for today.

Was there a resolution to this issue? I’m having the same problem. Doing weather forecast to 1 Sonos always gets cut off.
Already tried re-installing the app. Any other suggestions?


I also have this problem. Only 3x hello works, if i put in 4x hello it just doesnt say anything. Could it indeed be the router as ckossmann said?