How can we get the history of past events from a motion device?

I can’t find how to retrieve the history of events from a motion device. This history is shown in the device settings in Smartthings app so i guess that it should be possible. Any idea ?

You can go to the My devices in the IDE and select device and then select List events towards bottom of page…

Thank you for the answer. I forgot to say that i want to do that from a lambda function. I found nothing for that in the API.

I"m not really sure what a lambda function is, but I discovered this the other day that might help get you on a path to what you’re after?

I am guessing the original poster is referring to Amazon’s AWS Lambda platform.

Not that this helps the O.P. much… :wink:


I thought that some else just asked recently the same question, but I cannot find the post and the answer.

So, @jody.albritton, @Brad_ST is there a way to access the device history through the REST API?

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Yes, it’s about an Amazon AWS Lambda function. Using the rest API, i want to be able to retrieve the last events that a motion device has detected. Is that possible ?

Thank you ! I’ll look in the code.

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