How can I use Two Smart Thermostats in Same Zone

The previous homeowner had two thermostats per zone in the home (i.e., four thermostats). In each zone there is one for heat and one for cooling.

I asked al electrician to come by and run the wires together so i can unify them into one thermostat in each zone. Upstairs is no issue but downstairs the electrician is worried about ruining the wallpaper and suggested I just get two connected devices to manage them.

I haven’t considered that option. will that work?

If so, what is the recommended thermostat to go with?

You can check out some Z-wave thermostats. There quite a few available from the simple CT-30 to the feature rich CT-100 to many others like the ZTS or Honeywell models. Check out the first post of this topic for a sample list of thermostats.

Then you can also look into more comprehensive solutions like an Ecobee or Nest (which doesn’t work with ST anymore) which have many extra features built into them like sensors.

Many folks prefer a basic thermostat and then build your own schedules on top or use remote temperature sensors or motion sensors and door/window sensors or even humidity sensors with apps to manage your climate.

The question is what functionality are you looking for from your thermostats and what do you intend to use ST for in the mix? That would give you a better direction as to which model you may want to buy.