How can I make Alexa to open gates via switchbot in a normal "Open gates" command?

After playing with the Switchbot, and Alexa app as well as IFTTT app, I can ask Alexa to “tell Switchbot to press gate”. While it works, I would like to make it more human friendly and simply say Alexa “Open Gates”. Any idea how to do that?

Thank you.

The set up is clunky, but it will work to use an Amazon routine (not a smartthings routine), have that turn on a virtual switch, and have that virtual switch coming on be the “if“ in your IFTTT applet with the SwitchBot as the “that.“ Amazon lets you use almost any phrase you want for their routines.

You need to set up a second Amazon routine for “close gates”

Thank you JD, you are THE NUMBER ONE. Thanks for all your answers on my silly questions.

So, if I got it correctly, there is no need (or way) to use Smartthings, istead use Alexa routine?
For instance if I create Alexa routine “Open Gates” and than in IFTTT I specify IF i call on Alexa routine “Open Gates” than Switchbot push button?
Ok, let me see if I can actually do it in reality.