How can I make a announcement in Alexa’s voice?

I saw online where a dad sent a message to his son on the Alexa device in his bed room but it was in Alexa’s voice. I know how to drop in and I know how to make announcements but they’re always in my voice. It was really cool to see how he used Alexa to scold his son for sneaking back into the house through his window using Alexa and in HER voice.

Hard to say without seeing the online item you are referring to, but it may have been using Echo Speaks, which is no longer functional in ST.

That’s easy, you just use an Alexa routine, not a SmartThings routine, and use “announcement“ as the “then“ in the routine. It’s under “Messaging” when you are creating the routine.



That’s the “that.“

In your case, it sounds like you already have a sensor on the window, so you would just use that as the “if“ in the routine. :wink:

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