Horizontal Gate Opener Integration Like a Garage Door

I have a motorized horizontal gate at the end of my driveway. I’ve wired an Arduino Uno and Smart Things Arduino Shield to the board of one of the remote transmitters so I can connect it to Smart Things. It’s currently set up as a switch in Smart Things, and I can remotely trigger it to open and close the gate. I’ve also set up the switch to automatically turn on when I arrive home which opens the gate. There’s also an open-close multi-sensor attached to the gate so I know whether the gate is open, closed, or moving.

The gate currently opens automatically when I come home, but I would like to have it automatically close in case I forget to close it when I leave. This is the automatic behavior for my garage door that is already integrated into Smart Things. However, when I set up the gate as a door, it won’t trigger the gate to open. and won’t register the gate opening since the Smart Things Garage Door integration changes the multi-sensor to orientation-based instead of an open/close sensor (since the gate swings horizontally, the orientation doesn’t change). I’ve tried just changing the device handler, but the status doesn’t update on the door.

Does anyone know if there is a place for me to access the stock Smart Things garage door code to edit the open/close sensor to make it open/close v. it just being the orientation function? Also, what command is being sent to trigger the door to open in the garage door code so I can program the Arduino to match? I’ve tried “on”, “actuate”, “push”, “button press”… Any other suggestions?

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or ideas.