Honeywell TH6320ZW2003

just got this zwave thermostat up and running. all seems to be working except a little confused of its built in Home/Away feature. it didnt go into Away Mode automatically. Thermostat has a native Away temp setting for heat and cool. i had to set up a routine for it to apply a higher cooling temperature when Location Mode is set to Away.

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I’m not familiar with the device but that sounds pretty much as I would expect it.

I don’t think the driver has any access to the Location Mode to start with, but even if it did the modes have UUID format identifiers and ‘Home’, ‘Away’ and ‘Night’ are just default labels assigned to them. There is no inherent meaning in them.

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hmm, i guess im just wondering, how the thermostat knows whether im Home or Away… it only has an option for Away Temperature, and i cannot manually select Away at the thermostat, nor is there an option in the driver like you said, to set the thermostat to Away… so… how do i use the native Away settings from of the thermostat.

Can this be related to Geo location home/away within the Honeywell/Reideo app. When set up in device app and you are within geolocation it would be Home and outside Geolocation be away on the device.

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this device does not use the resideo app, zwave devices are not supported in the app, only their wifi devices. i found this out last night, downloaded the app, created the account, and only wifi devices are controlled from the app.