Homewizard P1

Can I connect Homewizard P1 to smartthings?

They have a published API, so it should be possible, but I don’t think anyone has done the work for an integration yet. It will require significant custom code, and it will probably require an additional server device as well.

So I think it’s doable (people on other home automation platforms have created integrations for both home assistant and homebridge), but I haven’t heard of anyone working on an integration for the new SmartThings architecture yet. :thinking:

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I made a driver a while back:


Still need to clean it up and add proper installation instructions, but I’ve been using it for a couple of months.


Hello Daniel,
2 Dutch people who communicate in English, but that’s how everyone understands it😊.
the link with the script does not work.
I have 2 more questions

  1. At HomeWizzard you can have their own thermostat switch based on energy price, is this also possible in your script?
    2 I don’t know if it’s possible, and I’m a layman, but can you send this script to me?

I forgot to make the repo public, it should work now.

Currently the only functionality that is supported is reading out the electricity values of the smart meter. We don’t have gas (we bought a heat pump), so I can’t test the gas readings. They should be easy to add through (the names of the keys are in the Homewizard API docs).

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@danieldk Another dutch person here. I am a software developer just never worked with stuff for SmartThings but I really want to integrate this. I do have solar panels. Can you give me some tips on how I can contribute or would you have some time to run me through the basics so I can contribute?

I am afraid I’m not going to be of much help. I haven’t learned Lua or the SmartThings APIs. I just hacked this together one night by modifying some other code.

All I can say is: use the Homewizard API docs to find the keys for the stats that you want to add and add them to the source code.

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