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Hi new to the forum and smart things. I recently bought a smartthings hub and 5 water sensors to monitor potential leaks around the house. Has anyone had any success with connecting smartthings water sensors to homekit via homebridge? I already use homekit and homebridge to connect and control my lifx bulbs already and some elgato eve sensors. I’ve been having issues with connecting smartthings to my homebridge hub but want to figure out if it’s worth the effort before i give it another try or if i should just run it as a separate water monitoring network.

I’d like to be able to use homekit as the master controller but use smartthings as a hub for additional z-wave devices since they’re far more ubiquitous and cheaper.

My fortrezz and Smartthings water sensors work with Homebridge. Ny Aeon water sensor does not. I am using the default device handlers for all of them.

This thread is a great example of the good ol’ days when @Ben and other ST employees engaged with the community without fear of daddy Samsung having to play damage control due to controversy or respectful arguments.


I am still here and muzzle free. I keep up with the community, albeit not as active with posting since I moved over to the engineering side of the table.


We moved a lot of our stuff to HomeKit about a year ago. Since motion sensors and contact sensors became available as triggers a few months ago, it meets all of our needs for simple use cases and is very reliable.

I am curious, do you use an Apple TV in your Homekit integration? I was intending to use Homekit primarily in my own setup, but have been frustrated by the slow adoption by manufacturers. Some will even update their products and still continue to leave Homekit out of it. So I turned to Smartthings because of the vast amount of integration. The reason I ask about the Apple TV is that I do not have one, but I generally have one or more iPad’s plugged in and acting as hubs and I consistently get disconnects in my Homekit products.

Yes, we do have an Apple TV. (We started with HomeKit before the iPad selection was an option.) We do also now have an iPad as the hub.

Our devices have all been very stable except for an ihome 5 switch which was so unstable that we returned it. But everything else stays connected just fine for us.

We have some iconnect pocket sockets, Elgato eve sensors, Lutron Caseta switches, Philips Hue bridge and bulbs, and a few other Devices. Most have been in place for about a year, except for the ones which were introduced more recently like the sensors.

There is a page in the community – created wiki that lists devices that work with both SmartThings and HomeKit:


Drumming up an old thread here. My understanding is that Apple removed the requirement for a MFi chip for HomeKit compatibility. Has anyone else heard this? This supposedly happened in June.

It happened, but then it’s up to each manufacturer to decide what they want to do about it. So far SmartThings hasn’t done anything that we know of.

As mentioned in the post above yours, there is now a list in the community – created wiki of devices that work with both SmartThings and HomeKit. Hopefully there will be more in the future now that the chip requirement has been removed. Devices sold commercially still have to go through a certification process, though. More details in the following thread:


Why is HomeKit important?

Apple iPhone X 4
Apple iPad X 3
Apple Watch X 2
Apple Mac Mini X 1
Apple MacBook X 2
Apple TV X 3

all of these devices recognize my voice when I say “Hey Siri” with no other action needed. It sure would be a nice day when I can say “Hey Siri, is the garage door closed?” or “Hey Siri, did I leave my lights on? OK, shut them off”

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Siri’s power to control smart home using HomeKit it impressive.

Samsung and Apple aren’t exactly “best buddies” though, so…?


Samsung has been and will likely continue to be apple’s largest supplier of parts for the iPhone, accounting for about a quarter of the total value.


The two companies sometimes work together, sometimes compete against each other, sometimes sue each other. it’s a typical global 2000 corporate relationship. :sunglasses:

Samsung undoubtedly would like the Apple Watch as a customer vehicle for the new SmartThings open cloud.

Like Facebook says, “it’s complicated.”

If Samsung decides it’s in their best interest to add HomeKit functionality, they’ll add it. But who knows if that will ever happen.

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One can certainly hope!!


Any updates on this?

So I signed on today because I’ve started integrating HomeKit with my SmartThings system, and I’m curious whether anyone knows if the iDevices Socket works with SmartThings as well as all the others?

We’re starting to see a number of devices that can bridge between ST and HK, like Belkins’ Wemo devices. Now that Apple has provided software APIs that let IoT mfgs implement Apple-level security without a physical chip, more HK devices are entering the market.

I’ve started deploying the Wemo Mini Switches around my home, replacing the old GE Z-Wave swithches. HomeKit can control the Wemos, as can ST, even though it’s not listed as a compatible system. This lets me use the Wemos as trigger devices in ST routines, and then initiate automation through Siri. I can do a lot with Alexa, but I’ve always been concerned about security with Alexa, so I really limit its access to our IoT network. With Siri on my Apple devices, I have far fewer security concerns, and I find that Siri is generally more useful and “smarter” than Alexa.

I’m also finding that the Wemos are a lot more responsive and stable than the Z-Wave switches (smaller too). Plus, Costco is selling Wemo two-packs for $30, so I was able to by 8 new devices for what a couple of Z-Waves would cost.

So far the only problem I’m having with HK is that it’s not correctly updating presence when my wife and I both leave home. It seems to be registering our presence by WiFi/cellular connection instead of counting us outside the geo-fence.

I’m going into the Apple Store to ream their “geniuses” about this, but if anyone here knows a solution, please let me know. Also if anyone knows whether the iDevices Socket works with ST. Thanks.


There’s an article in the community – created wiki that lists devices that work with both SmartThings and HomeKit for those interested. :sunglasses:



Nice resource, thanks. Just want to let you know that the Wemo integration is no longer beta, nor does it require a bridge. The Mini Switches I bought at Costco simply require a firmware update through the Wemo app, and then they work flawlessly with ST and HK—at the same time.

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It’s a wiki; you can update it. :wink:

Have you looked into HomeBridge? It will make pretty much any device controlled by ST available to HomeKit. I use it to have Siri voice control ( I run it on Pi, but it runs on several platforms.)

A nice upside is that you can control Z-wave and Zigbee devices directly, so you don’t need to replace existing devices, and also keep your HA traffic off your WiFi network.

Yes, I’ve been considering it, but according to some sources I’ve read, it introduces security vulnerabilities. For now I’ve got similar functionality via the WeMo devices. Since they support both ST and HK, each device acts as a “mini-bridge” between the two systems.