HomeControl Flex. Connect your security system to IFTTT and SmartThings

I found this website today. I dont use it, but they mention integration with SmartThings.


“Professionally Monitored and Customer Integrated
HomeControl Flex™, available with all Telguard universal communicators, is an addition to the existing Telguard HomeControl home automation platform. HomeControl Flex allows your customers to integrate over 200 smart home products and web services with their security system using the free Internet of Things (IoT) services of IFTTT.”

Your customers can integrate your professionally monitored security services with their existing Z-Wave products using SmartThings to enable the classic Z-Wave scenarios involving lights, locks, thermostats, and garage doors.”

Telguard is a division, I think, of telular, which is a cellular company. They basically make radios that you can include in some security systems. They also make a Zwave garage door controller, which a number of community members have.

Anyway, they offer a service to local dealers that lets them add the cellular connection to a 2gig security panel. (2Gig is one of the many Nortek brands.)

They used to call it “mytelguard” and there were various branding options for the local dealer.

Back in May, they added an IFTTT channel And renamed it as “home control flex.” Consumers do not buy that service directly from Telguard. Instead, if you go to their site to sign up, you get directed to a local dealer who is going to sell you the two gig equipment and installation services and maybe maintenance services in a bunch of other stuff. And give you a user ID that you can then sign in to the website with.

The only SmartThings integration is through IFTTT.

The website link to in the previous post was the one for dealers. Here’s the one for consumers. But you won’t see any pricing on it, because the pricing is going to vary from dealer to dealer.


At one point, telguard was sued by alarm.com For patent infringement, but quite a few of those patent claims were set aside as being overly broad. So that all just kind of disappeared.

The IFTTT channel doesn’t let you combine sensors or other events. It’s pretty much limited to arming and disarming the panel. And again you have to have signed up with a telguard dealer for the home control flex service before you’ll be allowed to use the channel.

I’m sure it will be useful for some people, but it’s probably in a different price point than many SmartThings customers are looking at because there’s typically going to be a monthly maintenance fee going to the local security company.

Good to know! Thanks.