Home Square footage per device survey

Somewhat curious about the average device density required to obtain a satisfactory level of home automation.

So for those inclined to reply:
Take your home square footage (include your garage), divide this by your total device count (be sure to add in your Echos or other devices that don’t show in your device list.
Post this number.
Also indicate if you feel your home is sufficiently automated or not.

I’ll start:
SF/Device: 14.29
Sufficiently Automated

Current tallied results (2016-12-07 07:00 PST)

SF/Device: 27.58
Sufficiently Automated (but that doesn’t mean I won’t add devices)

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Excluding Hue bulbs…
SF/Device = 81.82

Including Hue Bulbs…
SF/Device = 47.37

Insufficiently automated. I’ve been using Hues for a year now, but ST is much younger in my house. I expect to reach Sufficient Automation at a density near 45sqft/device excluding Hues.

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SF/Device = 428

under-automated but performs the basic monitoring function as per initial spousal project approval.

Looking to add more sensors, outlets, and light switches but hard to find decent deals in Canada.

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I am currently at:

SF/Device: 30
Not Sufficiently Automated

Right now I have mostly enabled automated control of most electrical devices but I have not finished deploying sensors to make the most use of these devices. The main issue is that automation done improperly becomes more of an annoyance than a benefit. What I need to implement, once I add more sensors, is something like CORE or Rule Machine so that I do not end up with a HAL 9000 scenario :wink:

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SF/Device = 68.42

Sufficiently automated. Still building out more. Including Hue lights / Cree bulbs

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SF/Devices = 54

Not sufficiently automated. Still a lot of projects on the to do list. Lighting automations mostly sufficient.

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SF/Device = 143

Not sufficiently automated. Of course I do have a handful of switches I haven’t gotten a chance to install yet.

I expect to reach sufficient automation at about 65 SF/Device. At least until I start working on blinds…

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It’s very different for me, because I don’t make any attempt to automate all the rooms in the house. For example, one of my housemates’ rooms has no automation at all.

I set my budget on a per room basis of $300-$500 per room.

I spend most of my life in either my bedroom or the living room. If I add in the bathroom and the kitchen and only use the square footage of those four rooms plus the hallway that connects them, then my number would be 19.73. That only counts the home automation devices, not the ones for the separate security system or medical monitoring system.

As far as sufficiently, it currently meets my basic requirements. I would like to eventually add automated door openers on two doors, automated window openers on a couple of windows, and automated window coverings, but those are all luxury adds and will have to wait.


SF/Device: 24.68
Sufficiently Automated (but always looking for the latest and greatest devices)


I have never done this so I am not sure how it is done however I was thinking we should create a “Go Fund Me” account for you (or an equivalent method that doesn’t take as much of the donation) to help you automate all the things you need to make your life easier. You give so much to this community (no post left unanswered! :slight_smile: ) sharing your experience and knowledge that I am sure many will be glad to help you with a donation.

Anyone with experience doing this?

@Mike_Maxwell - I do not want to hijack your thread… but I am not sure where else to post this in context.

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By the way, when I help someone spec out what they might need, I start with these assumptions for basic requirements:

  1. two repeaters per room, typically light switches but could be pocket sockets.

Two) one voice control device per room

  1. two sensors per room

Four) one additional battery operated convenience device, anything from a minimote to a sensor to a tablet dashboard, per person based on typical occupancy. (Doesn’t have to be the same device for each person, like a three person household might have one dashboard, one minimote, and one flic button all in the same room)

  1. One AV controller if there is AV equipment in the room

And this also meets my budget of $300-$500 per room.

That means a typical living room with a household of four people would probably have a density number of around 30.

But I use more repeaters than most people. You can get away with one repeater about every 40 feet (every 60 feet for zwave plus), which often means it will cover two rooms. I just like to have a stronger mesh. :sunglasses:

updated to add I count my service dog as A person in the occupancy calculation. That’s because of devices like these which are at his nose height.

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Thanks for the shout, but there are people who need help way more than I do.

The only appreciation I need is people adding more stuff to the wiki. Seriously. :sunglasses:

Speaking of which – – Will somebody please for the love of Pete add a how to article to the wiki on setting up control of a ceiling fan with a light kit? There have been about seven of these questions in the last few weeks.



SF/Device: 14.84
Sufficiently Automated (128 devices, and my OCD likes that number!)


I think each case is unique, and the “device / square footage ratio” can be misleading, depending on the type of device and the actual house.

As an example, I’m currently at around 100 square feet per device, but that doesn’t really reflect what my setup looks like. I have 4 cameras dedicated to the outdoors and several repeaters in the house that don’t really “contribute” to the automation as much as say a light switch or outlet.

In my old 1,600 square foot house I had 7 bulbs between my entryway, the living room and the kitchen, so I went with bulbs for all of them. In my new house I have a 15 bulb fixture in the entryway alone, so a switch is more appropriate.


I didn’t even include my camera’s…but yeah this is a rough estimate at best, still a neat metric to correlate with.

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SF/Device = 71.4

Not Sufficiently Automated

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True, but so far everyone under 30 D/SF is sufficiently automated…
Greater than ~70 D/SF are not…


I think it’s a fun metric to have, but I’d argue against the whole correlation / causation thing. :slight_smile:

I’m looking at a 100+ ratio, with 3,700 square feet, and I believe that I’m pretty happy with my setup. There are things that I’m not doing on purpose like keeping ST from opening my garage doors, or relying too much on sunset/sunrise/etc because of the reliability problems we’ve had in the past.

Otherwise though, I think the “happiness” factor comes mostly from what you can achieve with the technology. You can have people that have 1k square feet and 200 devices and are not happy because you still need to manually put the bread in the toaster or something.


60.37. Pretty close to sufficient. I have another 7 or 8 items in the closet that will bring that down to about 53. Of course there are other things I WANT to do but those probably wouldn’t make it more sufficient.