Home Square footage per device survey

Location 1:

SF/Device = 77.1

Not sufficiently automated, but everything seems to work fine (except for missed/past-due scheduled events every now and then) … still adding, though.

Location 2:

SF/Device = 48.1

Sufficiently automated … adding more — why not!?!


~30 D/SF – Sufficiently automated in the areas that have automation.

Still lacking automation in 2 rooms and a few closets. Have 5 or 6 of the cheaper motion light switches that want to upgrade to full ST control. Once doing those upgrades I should be a little under 25 D/SF.


Well, okay…

SF/Device = 61.3

I am mostly happy…

But, that does not include 2 Nest thermostats, the alarm system, 2 Google Home units and my Harmony remote. It does include five Z-Wave light bulbs, four of which are in my garage.

I say “mostly happy” because I can’t get the kitchen or dining room lights on automation. I’m still trying, but so far no luck. The electrical boxes are old metal, small boxes I can barely fit anything into. Worse, I have yet to figure out the wiring for the three way circuits I myself put in 7 years ago. Grrrrr…

I have not yet surrendered though.

Assuming I get that done I’ll be pretty happy.


SF/Device: 52.3

This does include many devices from my hard wired alarm panel that I have connected via an Arduino.

I am happy, though plan to continue automating more as I need it. I will say my system is much simpler than most as I have been pretty immune to the problems folks have been posting about. I am not afraid to touch a light switch every now and then.

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SF/Device: 26.67

Sufficiently Automated (for now). Still have three rooms that are rented (two bedrooms and a bathroom) with no devices yet.


SF/Device: ~27

Still needs some work :slight_smile:

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Is that sufficiently automated or not?, “needs some work” isn’t a response category, LOL

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Damnit, I need to pay attention lol. Sufficiently. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure I’d label it as unhappy vs happy. The delineation is Sufficiently Automated or Insufficiently Automated.

RIght now, I’m in the Insufficiently Automated category. I am also happy with my automations so far.

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OK, fine, I changed it…

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SF/Device (No LIFX): 18.75
SF/Device (with LIFX): 15.15
Sufficiently Automated


results to this point:

I spy a trend afoot…


This isn’t trending, it’s…BREAKING NEWS Happening RIGHT NOW!

Sorry, had CNN on in the background.


I just did a little mental cost extension for how much it’ll take to reach Peak Automation. Ouch.

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I wonder if the WAF goes up or down with the SF/D ratio… Mine goes up, my wife loves this stuff.


Sales, I have over 5k of stuff that I’ve paid just over 2k on.

And I’m not as insane as some folks here when it comes to savings.

I have to say this is one of the few things I’ve put this kind of money into and actually felt it was worth it.

I think it is worth it an fun. I have a 2 year old that may never know what it is like to use a light switch. He already knows how to get Alexa to sing happy birthday and when you ask him to do something he always answers ok like Alexa.

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I had my out of town grand kids (4 and 5) over at our place thanksgiving week, I purchased an Echo for their Aunt last Christmas.
They visit Auntie frequently, and know what an Echo is…
It took them all of 5 minutes to find all six Echos in my house…
I ended up muting all of them until they left…


12.65 sqft per device. Under air sqft, excluding garage.

Not near enough automation :wink: Call me crazy :wink: