Home Monitor and Motion Switches

Simple question:
In Home Monitor > Security > Armed Sensors > Motion Sensors, will this allow you to use motion switches or only actually sensors?

I don’t have any motion switches yet so I can’t see for myself, but I’m planning on buying a couple and I’m just wondering if I can use them with my Home Monitor.

First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.” Most motion switches do not expose their motion sensors to SmartThings: they just use it internally to turn the switch on and off. But there may be a few that do. :thinking:

@Paul_Oliver has done some work with this device class and may know some specifics.

@Chillin, sorry but I have not worked with motion switches.

If you have a ST hub, and your motion switches don’t show up in STHM there is a simple solution. Create a virtual motion sensor using @TAustin 's vEdge Creator. The virtual motion sensor will show up in STHM. Then use a single routine to turn on the virtual motion sensor when the motion switch is triggered. You can then use the settings in the virtual motion sensor to automatically reset the virtual motion sensor after x seconds, or you can use a 2nd routine to reset the virtual motion sensor when the motion switch turns off.


My bad—I tagged Paul when I meant to tag @philh30 . Sorry for any confusion.

Thanks for the response. I went and ordered a couple and for reference Kasa motion switches just show up as switches. I’d be interested in knowing if any motion switches do actually show up as motion detectors as well.

Thank you this worked.

I created a virtual Motion Sensor then made a couple routines so if either of my new garage Motion Switches go on they trigger that virtual device which is tied into my Home Monitor.

Quick and easy and now it works exactly as I wanted :+1:


GE/Jasco motion dimmers expose their motion sensors to STHM and Routines using the custom Edge driver from @philh30.


Good to know, thanks. At well over double the cost of the Kasa ones I bought I’m not sure it’s worth it since there is the virtual Motion option above. But clearly they are better and being able to directly see the motion state would be nice. If I end up getting any more motion switches I’ll look at Jasco.

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