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has no one suggested having a blinking option for the (alert with lights) …
sure 10% or 90% is good, but B L I N K I N G is more of a visual alert,
whether you are home or arriving after alarm it triped …

anyone, anyone … bueller?


The Flasher smartapp could fit your use case. However, due to ST issues it may not be working properly at the moment.

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Yes, when the Flasher worked it was great as an alarm… Certainly scared my wife a bit the one time when I armed it by accident and we were home :wink:

I use it together with the notify with sound app and it makes for quite an effect.

There are several ways to do this, depending on the exact devices involved.

We use the “loop” option in the Phillips hue IFTTT channel as a softer alert. You can pick one or more bulbs connected to the hue bridge and have them do A slow loop through multiple colors. So it will have value for some use cases.

The same IFTTT channel also has a “blink” which blinks 15 times and then stops. That one also works with the white only bulbs. But there may be a slight lag with both of these because you’re using IFTTT. At my house, that’s about eight seconds, which is just fine for us. So again, good for some use cases, not others.

The Fortrezz siren has a strobe feature which works very well for an emergency alert.

As others have mentioned, the flasher app doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

@sticks18 has some code to add this option to zigbee smart bulbs that are connected directly to the SmartThings hub, but I don’t know if that’s working right now either.

It still works, assuming ST will send the alert command to the bulb. Here’s a post with what is needed. This method will only work for zigbee bulbs connected directly to ST and requires a custom device handler, but the blinking is handled at the hardware level. Best part is the bulb will automatically return to its prior state.

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When I first looked at Flasher and the functionality my immediate thought was wouldn’t it be great if it could flash a light to S O S (Dit Dit Dit, Dah Dah Dah, DIt Dit Dit) repeatably?

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