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I have this

Can I add this parts?

Looks like a perfect candidate for the upgrade! The fans that are not good candidates are the ones that have embedded speed controllers that you can’t remove out of the control circuit. These seem to be the DC motor versions

Thank you ranga and dalec for this device handler. It works great using the Smartthings app. When I use Google Home however, it only seems to be able to turn the light on and off. There is no fan control. Is there a way to get that working, or am I missing something?

No you’re not missing anything. It is still alpha. The only way today is to use a custom smartapp like CoRE . However I should be getting the beta version posted out very shortly that allows all control points to be exposed. @stephack did a great job on it using a brand new feature in device handlers to expose control through all the standard smartapps. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

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Sounds great!

@dalec does that wall control require a neutral wire to work? The installation instructions on Home Depot’s site just say “white” wire so I guess that’s probably what they meant but it’s kinda vague.

So how does this work in relation to the wall switches? I assume that if they are off then the remote and ST functions wont work. More importantly, what if I have a dimmer of variable speed control on the hardwired switch? I assume speed and light are limited by the hardwired setting.

This receiver is meant to be used like other in-canopy fan receivers with rf remote (ie non-zigbee ones too). That generally means there’s one switch at the wall that’s left on all the time, and your fan and light pull chains are set to max. In the fan canopy your hot and neutral connect to the receiver; then the fan and light wiring connects to the receiver as well. All control of on/off and speed is via the remote.

I’m far from an electrical expert, but if you control fan speed and light dimming independently from wall switches, then I think this is not really the type of receiver for you.

Once installed and paired with ST, are the fan and / or light fully controllable (all speeds, all brightness) via Google Home?

You will NOT install the receiver from that in-wall kit. The remote mounts in the wall but doesn’t get wired, it is all wireless, it runs from a battery. The receiver you need to get is a ZigBee receiver and it needs a neutral but you have that up at the ceiling fan where it is installed

Yes :slight_smile:

You need to disable the existing hardwired fan speed switch or keep it at HIGH speed at all times but instead use a wireless RF remote. See my review in the original showing the choice for your remotes. You will note there is a wall remote option if you prefer to use a wall mounted solution to replace your existing remote


The new device handler is released that solves your problem go to the Beta release of the new code here

Yay! Can’t wait to try it out!

Ah, I’m looking at the installation instructions again and I’m realizing I misread it. It basically says to connect your line/load wires together and your neutral wires together in the switch box, not to wire them to the controller at all. Thanks for clarifying!

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Does anyone know if this would be compatible for two fans wired in series on a single pole? For example one toggle wall switch powers two fans on/off, one remote (with dip switches matching) operates two fans, one ST thing controls the same two fans.

You do not want to allow the wall switch to turn off the power to the receiver as a normal control. Keep the switch on all the time to allow the zigbee receiver to
control fans from ST, handheld wireless remote or in-wall wireless remote as you see in my review original post.

Each fan would be separate device things (ie CeilingFan1, CeilingFan2) in SmartThings to control simultaneously via smartapps. You could control them simultaneously with one RF wireless remote when set to the same dip switch settings.

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So i just installed my fan receiver. The remote is working fine, but I can’t seem to get it to pair with my Smarthub. How do i “reset” the reciever to get it into pair mode?

Actually, mine was working perfectly until today. The fan and light both respond well to the wall remote, but not with anything Smartthings related.

I was able to reset the receiver & all is working now! Thanks everyone for all the hard work on this!!

How did you reset the receiver?

Strangely enough. Mine isnt working either but havent really troubleshot it yet. Will do when I get home and let you know if im successful.