Home Automation Quote

Hi, greetings from Singapore :slight_smile: Below screenshot is the quote given by one of the home automation companies in Singapore to install in my new flat. And i would like find out from you guys if this price is considered ok? I see that they are using Fibaro Double Gang Relay Insert which is a relay installed into my normal wall switch to turn it into a z-wave switch, am curious if this will this be easy to install?

I’m from Sg too, I can tell you the price is way too expensive. VeraEdge is useless and it’s over price as well.

You should compare the prices of those items to whatever it would cost you to order (and ship) them yourself. Then ask yourself whether the premium that the installer is charging you is worth the time/effort that you would save by not having to order it yourself.

As for the installation cost, I’ll defer to anyone else from Singapore who might be able to comment on that. Or you could get an estimate from another installer to compare.

Also keep in mind if you get a vera z-wave controller, then some of the stuff you read on these forums may not end up applying to you since Vera doesn’t support zigbee devices, doesn’t have the same cloud-to-cloud integrations with other devices, etc.

The fibaro relays are indeed installed in the wall at the switch or at the ceiling in the light fixture. They’re not usually that hard to install, but it all depends on your level of experience. I believe in another thread you indicated you have no experience with home electrical wiring.

Hi :slight_smile: I have just checked and it will only cost about 1/2 of the price being quoted (without installation and software configuration)

Thank you for your suggestions and always helpful replies! I should be getting the components myself and try to crack my head around the configuration part :slight_smile: I should be able to get my handiman to install it!

Thanks again!!