Holy Moly - has SmartThings come a long way

This is an understatement!

I like what @redloro did. I have his nodeproxy running on a raspberry pi (recommend hardwire network connection for better reliability) which gets events from the envisalink.

Will also make a plug for actiontiles as another interface for statuses and cams. Exploring webcore but treading cautiously.

would be interesting to see what you’ve learned in 7 months!


Im in a similar situation with Smart Things and my EVL-3 DSC 1832 Panel.

Is there a universal accepted solution in place to integrate the DSC Panel into ST?

Im not really concerned with arm and disarm as I am wanting to be able to use the many wired security system sensors for Z-Wave triggers and such…

For the amount of reading I have done, it almost seems like it would be easier to use the Vera Controller as a secondary hub. Right now I run the Vera Hub as a primary and just the the necessary devices connected to it to provide the integration needed with the automations I want to keep.

Basically I have two Z-Wave networks operating in my home that cant communicate with each other.

How did your integration work out?

Life happened and I have not completed the Smart Things conversion yet. However, the best solution was the Redloro solution that you’ve already found (saw your post over on that thread).

I also started writing my own solution in C++ that would run on various platforms, but got distracted with paying projects :slight_smile: I would agree that for a DSC/EVL-3 solution you’d just have to write a driver that would feed the data into the redloro solution. In other words start with his and modify it. The good news is that the DSC messages coming out of the EVL-3 are better than the Honeywell (if I recall).

Or maybe this: