Hive Signal Booster Plug

Hi all

I’ve got SmartThings and Hive working perfectly together with the device type and Smartapps by @Alyc100 - I can boost heating and water, set the temperature and everything.

However, just after I had Hive installed I had signal issues, so British Gas sent me a “signal booster”. My hub was at one end of the house, the receiver the other, so this booster sits somewhere in the middle. Except their Signal Booster is a smart plug! I guess it was the cheapest way of strengthening a mesh network.

Since they released Active Plugs though, I asked BG if they could make my old Signal Booster “Smart Plug” work as a plug, and they said No. It was incompatible.

Fast forward to today, and I stumble across
This page suggests it’s a standard Zigbee plug, can be reset and joined to his XBee network.

So - can anyone provide the clever brain juice needed to get this smart plug working with SmartThings? I don’t need it as a signal booster any more - I moved the hub to the middle of the house, so it’s redundant. But it’s also in my house already, so it’s £45 cheaper than a £45 smart socket :wink: