Hive ecosystem migration/replacement

Hi there,

I’ve been using a Hive ecosystem for the past few years, and have been generally quite happy with it.
It consists of a single zone thermostat and a range of bulbs, grouped into rooms, linked with Google Assistant for voice control. I don’t do much in the way of routines/automation yet, but may do in the future.

I’m looking at moving this year, and am considering options for migrating or replacing what I have in my new home. This is so if I need new gear, I can get it ordered ahead of time and installed as part of a new build.

  • I see SmartThings supports a lot of vendors’ devices, but Hive isn’t listed. Does anyone know if the Hive gear I have can work with SmartThings?

  • Would I still need the Hive hub in front of the Hive devices, or could the SmartThings hub replace this?

  • Does SmartThings support any kind of offline control of devices when the internet goes down?

  • Assume Nest is not currently supported?

  • Does SmartThings support multizone heating?

What would you do?
Any input you kind folk could provide would be greatly appreciated, so I can start investigating based on your suggestions.

Many thanks