Help with cron scheduling

So I’m trying to schedule a task with a cron expression with variables. Here’s the command:

schedule ("0 $onMin $onHour ? * $state.dayOfWeek *", switchOn)

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work. The numbers seem to input into the variables properly, but when I trying to install I get an error saying that it can’t parse the values… then it lists the values. For example:

2:57:36 PM: error Unparseable date: "0 0 20 ? * 1,6 *"

Any ideas?


Anyone have any success with scheduling cron jobs?

I did use cron in my project here: and it worked.

Your cron expression has seven elements. ST example has only six (no year). It’s supposed to be optional, but who nows?

Hey @chrisb,
Just found this thread:
Looks like the cron parser is broken too :[

Thx Hack for finding those links!