Help with Core Please

Hi, first attempt at using core and I cannot see how I can reduce the time on the “stays condition” to less than 1 minute. Let me explain.

I need to monitor doors with the multipurpose on for vibration as somebody tried to break in during the night a couple of weeks ago. Now in that case as door wasn’t opened so the alarm SHM didn’t trigger.

So now I would like to add a method of triggering an alert /message/notification if the doors with the sensors are forced in any way ( or at least attempted to be)

Sounds easy so far… here’s the one gotcha. One door as a cat flap, so if the cat decides to use it, that triggers the alert.

So using core I have a piston that says if sensor is closed and if acceleration is active for 1 minute then trigger an action.
The minimum time I can set for the acceleration to stay active is 1 minute which is a long time … so I need to be more 20-30 seconds but there is not an option for less than 1 minute.

Is there backend access to the code to change this anywhere. Or any other suggestions?

Many thanks for taking the time to read



You may want to check out webCoRE which has more features than the older CoRE. Also, a great place to ask questions about CoRE/WebCoRE is their community forum

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Thank for the suggetion but web core is awful to use and so dev focused that I find it impossoble to use. Much perfect to stick with core.

Ok re-isnatlled webcore and will give it another go … what this space :slight_smile:

If the door is being forced acceleration will happen more than once so…
Initialize variable count that equals 0 and this Core piston should work.

Have reinstalled and tested a piston using webcore and it works. However I have now found webcore is down and it wont let me create any pistons …

You are going to

If you go to you will get an error

Ok thanks JKP but is an invalid url and if I use I cant create pistons … So where am I going wrong as your message doesnt isnt clear

Thanks Sidjohn1 I tried this but I got confused … I can create the using location varibles but how do you create the If statements inbetween ? couldnt see how to do that .

Screenshot of what you are seeing for dashboard?

for I getthe webcore home page

Click the top right hand link to dashboard and it droips you down the page where there is a large whiteish button saying Go to the dashboard … click it and eventually the page timeout with Error 522

This is using a IE or Chrome

goto and I can login but it will not go past the create piston window

Click new piston
select </> Create a blank piston
enter authour name and piston mame , slect auto back to yes and click create button and nothing happens

Oh forgot have clear out cache on all browsers … just in case

Ignore/Do not use any other URL except for and

Open the ST Classic app, go to the Automation tab, open your instance of webcore, go to settings and select clean up and rebuild data cache

Then see if you can create a piston. If not, login to IDE and make sure you saved and published all 4 webcore Smartapps.

I will continue to encourage users to use webCoRE. CoRE is no longer being developed except for patches.

Thanks for the help

tried that and stil the same. Went into the Webcore app and cleared cache … still the same

went into ide and each webcore component, cick save and publish for me , then back into webcore app and clear cache again … stil the same.

Very stange as tried with my account which is differnet to my other halfs thats having the issues and that works fine.

Only thing I can think of is to uninstall it all in the IDE and re-install …

Thanks will give it a try

Is your account the master account or setup as a shared account?

Probably best if you go to the webcore forum at this point and let the webcore minions help you figure out the problem. They love to help

They are actually seperate accounts so really it shoudl be the same… Only thing I can think of is when I create the webcore account if it requires activation from an email that wont have been done yet ? as it will have gone to my other halfs email and I wont see her to check till later.