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(Flyerhub) #1

I’m having trouble finding the right code in the below example "def OneSecond =1". I want a piezo buzzer to churp when a door opens. What I have buzzes for about 3 seconds, and I can’t change the value. I assume I am dealing with a integer variable which cannot go less than 1 second. I have tried .50, 0.50, 00.50. Any help would be appreciated.

def doorOpenDetectedHandler(evt) {
_ log.debug “doorOpenDetectedHandler called: $evt”_
_ theSound.on()_
_ def oneSecOn = 1_
_ runIn(oneSecOn, turnOffSwitch)_

(Dan) #2

ST is a cloud-based solution. You’re not going to get sub-second performance, ever. You’d be much better off finding a device that will just emit a single chirp when turned on, and have it automatically turn off (locally).

If you want to build something, you could use my ST_Anything project using the TimedRelay device which allows you to define the amount of time (in milliseconds) the output stays on before it turns off automatically.

(Mark C) #3

fibaro realys can be set to swithc off automaticly

(Flyerhub) #4

I was hoping to be able to get this working with a little code change, but what you guys are saying is probably true. There is no way to chirp this quickly when it is cloud based.