Help with Chamberlain MYQ and Smartthings

IDE login is

To anyone reading this thread… do NOT use https ://

Please edit post Erik so that we don’t have more people logging in with the incorrect url. Thanks :slight_smile:

Done - thanks :slight_smile:

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Thank you sir!

I try not to have that link displaying anywhere. I even edited the quote so that it is not clickable :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity - why don’t you like the link displayed? Is it a security issue? Or that the main link is different than the link I posted?


Because will redirect you to the appropriate shard for IDE. The other address does not. So if someone uses the other address and their account is not on the original shard and they happen to install an app or dth, it will not show up in their ST app.


I had no idea! I learn something new everyday :slight_smile: Thanks.

@aroman1 How can I tell if I have the “wireless modulebuilt in” (to My Q Garage) that you are referring to?

Can you operate the door with the app on your phone… if so, you are ready to go.

I have the app too. Andbi subscribed to ifttt integration for 1 per month and now iys integrted wirh smartthings. I can tell when doors or ligjts go on or up or down.

I’m pretty sure I followed all instructions completely. I created and published the smartapp and device handlers. Connected my account to GitHub. Was able to add the app from the SmartThings/SmartApps/+My Apps. Logged into MyQ and added the Gateway Brand, selected the garage door, and hit save. But no garage door was added to my list of things, no short cuts to do anything. Please help!

Something does not look right with that location. The MyQ Lite app should be set up in Automation > SmartApps > MyQ Lite. Using the Classic app.

Hopefully you installed the following app?

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Yes, that’s the same thing. Using the classic app --> automation --> Add a SmartApp. I figured out the problem is that the app was trying to install the garage door without a sensor, and I didn’t have the “MyQ Garage Door Opener-NoSensor” device handler added. However, my garage door does come with a tilt sensor. So currently, the app is installed, but it’s not possible to see whether the door is open or closed. It also does not appear that it is possible to add the tilt sensor? Instead it looks for other contact sensors I have located throughout the house. Thanks again.

UPDATE: I just noticed I have to purchase a tilt sensor other than the one I received with the My Q. What a complete waste of money this thing has been. Should have just bought the GoControl.

FYI - if your door is a Chamberlain/Liftmaster door, there’s a good chance GoControl won’t work. Otherwise, that’s probably the better option in terms of flexibility.

Needing an additional tilt sensor is a pain, but since we can’t poll MyQ constantly for the door status, it’s our only good option.

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Thanks again for the quick reply. Didn’t realize GoControl wasn’t compatible. I’ll go ahead and buy the additional tilt sensor, but first, can you help me figure out how to get my Google Home to recognize the garage door through SmartThings? My Google and Samsung accounts are linked, and everything else shows up except for the garage door. I definitely don’t want to pay their $1/month fee.

It should definitely work without the paid integration. If you have the no-sensor version, the only way it will work is if you choose the push-button option in the SmartApp setup, and the push button devices should be picked up by Google. Once you get a tilt sensor and switch to the sensor-version of the door, you get “switch” capability on the door, and Google should automatically pick those up, which is a bit more straightforward.

I have had nothing but bad luck with the gocontrols… power goes out they star beeping non stop and don’t work. I have RMA’d 3 of them…

I have 5 working and one to be RMA’s go controls if someone wants em.

PM me

I have chamberlain garage door opener, I need a sensor. Any thoughts?

I saw people recommending this says the one below is a newer version
how about this one


I have the second one you linked. It’s worked perfectly and battery is still at 100 after a month or two. No false or missed reports and hasn’t gone offline.

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I have installed the community installer and am trying to setup the MyQ Lite app. I press install and there appears to be an error message, but it disappears too fast to see what it is and there is no MyQ anywhere in my SmartThings app. What am I doing wrong?