Help with automation

I’m trying to convert a webCoRE piston into an automation.

Currently I have a webCoRE piston that if anybody is home between the hours of 6 AM and 10:30 PM, my location mode will change to home. So at 6 AM my mode usually changes from night to home because one of us is home.

I tried it for the first time with an automation made in the smart things app and it did not work. Here’s a screenshot of the automation. Does anybody have any suggestions? It did not change to home mode at 6 AM and it still stayed night mode while someone was home.

Automation needs an event to trigger. Your automation will work if someone’s phone presence status changes to ‘at my house’ during the given time period. If you use single time (6 am) it will trigger then if another condition (presence) is met too.

I thought maybe that was the case. I just wish there was a way I could do it in one automation like I did it in 1 WebCoRE piston. :+1:

I just did the same conversion. I ended up with automations for the specific times I want the mode to change and someone is home. And second set of automations with the time range like you have above as “arrival” automations. It’s been working well for a couple weeks now.