Help using sendPush and sendSms in a Device Type

Have created a Device Type for an Arduino project. Everything is working (changing tiles, etc.). Now I would like to have it notify me when certain things happen. I cannot get sendPush and sendSms to work. They are not mentioned to the Developer documentation. I tried copying from others’ code and have the same error.

When I add code like: sendPush(“a message”), I get the following error:

6:57:13 PM: error
groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method:
script1408143148961512027104.sendPush() is applicable for argument types:
(java.lang.String) values: [a message] @ line 52

What else is needed to get sendPush and sendSms to work in a Device Type?


Search the community for SMS and there are several examples such as:

Don’t thinkndevoce types can push messages. Apps can though :):slight_smile:

@tslagle13 and I was just going to ask him where he was trying to do this from. Thanks for being kind enough to respond.

Thanks for the responses. Wrote my first SmartApp to handle it.