Help using sendPush and sendSms in a Device Type

(Fred) #1

Have created a Device Type for an Arduino project. Everything is working (changing tiles, etc.). Now I would like to have it notify me when certain things happen. I cannot get sendPush and sendSms to work. They are not mentioned to the Developer documentation. I tried copying from others’ code and have the same error.

When I add code like: sendPush(“a message”), I get the following error:

6:57:13 PM: error
groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method:
script1408143148961512027104.sendPush() is applicable for argument types:
(java.lang.String) values: [a message] @ line 52

What else is needed to get sendPush and sendSms to work in a Device Type?


(Michael) #2

Search the community for SMS and there are several examples such as:

(Tim Slagle) #3

Don’t thinkndevoce types can push messages. Apps can though :):slight_smile:

(Edward Pope) #4

@tslagle13 and I was just going to ask him where he was trying to do this from. Thanks for being kind enough to respond.

(Fred) #5

Thanks for the responses. Wrote my first SmartApp to handle it.