Help to run script (Synology Surveillance Station - Home Mode OFF/Home Mode ON)

Can somebody helt me to integrate this to my ST-setup.
Maybe with a virtual switch - I do not have raspberrypi, so it need to be done without it.

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pi@raspberrypi ~ $ curl -L “ … format=sid”

Home Mode on

pi@raspberrypi ~ $ curl -L “ … 0MPN674502”

Home Mode OFF

{“success”:true}pi@raspberrypi ~ $ curl -L “ … 0MPN674502”


did you get this working at all Peter? I see synology has the option to do geofencing with your phone but i’d much prefer to use smartthings presence i have setup.


I cant remember how it was setup, but it was done trough “action rule” in Surveillance Station admin and not trough ST.

Hope it helps somehow :wink:


it does help - to be clear are you saying action rules let you change the home and away profile of the software so it doesn’t alert you when you’re home?

Yes, that’s right :wink:

that’s cool. sorry but can you confirm what the options are? is it only time based or can you get more fancy with presence via smartthings? or other scripting?

I can’t remember, but I think I can control it any way I want that way.

Sorry for not being able to more precise.

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I’m looking for a app to toggle home mode on Synology nas app “DS cam”, has anyone found one?

Home mode on DScam just randomly switches in and out of home mode when I’m home. I want to use ST to do the switching which is much more reliable.