Help selecting a lock That does not need a hub

Hi folks, my girlfriend wants a lock. She does not have a hub and does not want one. She wants it to unlock when she approaches it but would like to also have a keypad so she can give codes to other people, especially her (older) mom who can’t use a smartphone.

I was lookin at the Kwikset 942BLE Aura. It seems to tick all the boxes, but it’s unclear if it will automatically unlock when it detects her phone of if she needs to open the app to unlock it.

Any other suggestions? Thanks!

That’s not a hands-free Lock, you have to open the app.

I’m confused, though. Are you looking for something that will integrate with smartthings?

If not, you should ask your question on a general purpose home automation forum to avoid confusing people here, since this form is specific to the Samsung SmartThings home automation platform.

The Reddit home automation sub forum should work well for general questions, they are brand agnostic. :sunglasses:

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Other suggestion —> August Lock


Yeah, the August lock is one of the only smart locks which offers fully hands free access, and if you get the pro version with the bridge, it’s also compatible with SmartThings. :sunglasses:

You have to buy the keypad device separately, though. it doesn’t require the bridge, it pairs directly to the lock.


All August locks will be compatible when the new August integration becomes available. By CES 2020 perhaps. But will require the August connect.


And with Black Friday approaching, best time to look for good deals.

Best Buy —> * August Smart Lock Pro + Connect $150
Amazon usually offers a good deal as well.

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Thanks guys, that was what I needed to know, about it not being auto-open. The August looks cool, but these are for new doors and there is no existing deadbolt. Of course I could add one, but what about the UltraLoq U-Bolt Pro locks (5 and/or 6)? They seem to do all she wants plus some integration. Could I make a device driver for it?

Short answer, no.

It’s a Bluetooth lock with a Wi-Fi bridge. Until the company adds its own integration, you won’t be able to get to it from smartthings.

They have an IFTTT channel, but it’s one way: the lock can be the “If” but not the “that.”

They do have Amazon integration so you might be able to do something with that, but I don’t know whether they allow an unlock or not.

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