Help! Integrating Janus Pantheon Roll Up Door Receiver with ST

We recently installed a roll up garage door with a Pantheon motor from Janus International. Being an IoT newbie, I have no idea how to make this integrate with ST. Ideally, I can fit an extra sensor/device that can sense my cellphone approaching which will cause the door to go up. Or is there an app that I can install on my iphone that I can integrate into ST.

Thanks in advance for the education.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t integrate with SmartThings. Or anything else, really. :disappointed_relieved:

The one thing you could do is add a robot button pusher, essentially a device which substitutes for a human finger. There is one of these which has a smartthings integration, the switchbot. It works fine, but you will need one of the button pushers for each button that you want to automate as well as their “mini hub“ which is what gives you the smartthings integration.

I use these in my own home for something which can’t be integrated any other way, but I don’t know if they would fit your budget.

You didn’t say what country you’re in. The device selection does vary somewhat, but the SwitchBot is available in both the US and the UK.

And here’s the discussion thread in this forum:

The good thing about SwitchBot is that it won’t require any rewiring and it doesn’t void your warranty on the pantheon. It’s literally just a button pusher for the existing control panel. :sunglasses:

In the future, if you are looking for devices that integrate with SmartThings, choose from the list in the app ( just be aware that not all models from a brand will necessarily integrate, you have to go down a level to be sure), or choose a zwave or Zigbee 3.0 device. Or one from the official compatibility list:

Also remember that Z wave does vary by region, so if you’re in the US, you have to use zwave Devices designed for North America. If you’re in Europe or the UK you have to use Zwave Devices designed for that region.