Help Installing Google Assistant Relay V3

Hi - I’m hoping someone can help me with installing the Google Assistant Relay. I’m using a Raspberry Pi 4. Per the instructions at: , I have installed Node and then installed PM2. I also downloaded a copy of the latest Assistant Relay release and saved the zip file to my pi desktop. (I did this by downloading the zip from github) The next step says to "use npm i to get started. Once setup, run npm run start .
I have no idea what that last step means. I think I’m supposed to do this in Terminal but I’m really lost. Can anyone help point me in the right direction. What do I do with the zip file on my desktop? And how do I perform the npm command. (Note: I’ve watched every video I can find and none are clear on this step) Thanks in advance!

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You missed a step…you have to unzip the file. Then go into the unzipped folder and run sudo npm run setup. (not start) Once that is done, you can run sudo npm run start. And remember, on the pi you have to use sudo.

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Thanks! That was the hint I needed. I followed the rest of the steps (OAuth, etc) and I think I’m connected! My Google devices chimed and said the service was running now.
Now to figure out how to get Webcore to send the announcements I want when events happen on my SmartThings devices…I’ll be doing some more reading on that! Thanks again.

Hi - I’ve run into another issue. I am getting a response from Google Assistant when I create messages in the sandbox of Assistant Relay. However, the piston I created here (second pic) does not create a response. I can see that my Rasp Pi is getting something from Webcore because the commands show up (see Terminal text in first pic) but nothing is actually heard from Google Assistant.
The IP I’m using is in the format http:// ##.##.##.##:port# Not sure if there’s something I’m doing wrong there.

I’ve also attached a pic of my Assistant Relay Home screen in case that might help. The two items listed appeared after I was messing around in the Sandbox.

Any ideas on this one? Thanks again.

What is the actual URL you are sending the request to? Also, bhath2 is the name you assigned when importing the JSON file into GAR?

Thanks for responding. The URL is

I thought I was sure bhath2 was correct. I just looked back in my Assistant Relay and I can’t find anywhere that would confirm it. I looked in several places in my Assistant Relay Project on Google (OAuth, etc) If you can recommend a place where I can confirm, I will definitely do that.

That isn’t correct. The correct url is “” And you must include the HTTP, webcore won’t add it for you.

Thanks. Updating it now and will test in the next minute or so. (Actually, I did have the http stuff but not the assistant on the end) checking now.

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That was it!!! It worked! “The Foyer Light is On”

Thanks so much!!

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Im have a problem at the npm i part…i have installed node.js on my raspberry pi, ive updated python to 3.7+, ive installed pm2 and downloaded the latest assistant relay files, extracted them to a folder on my windows desktop, i transfered them to a folder on raspberry pie through scp file termal transfer at pi/home/assistant-relay…i open terminal window to this folder and from that folder i begin to execute the npm i, npm setup and start and they all have errors through it…doesnt seem to be installing correctly…so i have stopped and request assistance.