Google Assistant Relay Install Does not Match Latest Verion

I am using the procedure located at the following URL, as well as going through his YouTube video:

I have run into issues today, 4/7/19 setting up Google Assistant Relay and hoping someone can help:

  1. On the Google end, when I create a new project and set the device type, there is no longer an Auto selection. Everything is a specific device with predefined actions. Does this matter? Can I select anything here? I selected Camera so I could keep going, and Skip when asked which functions to select.
  2. When I run npm run build-config there is only one option: Change Port. Add User does not come up. I am not sure if it is pulling it in from my client_secret…json file or what. Any suggestions?

I kept going, and when I run npm run start I get a ton of errors, so clearly the above items are an issue, as everything else went as expected.

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