Help getting my Schlage BE469 lock back to a working function

Hey everyone. So about 4 years ago I purchased and installed a Schlage zwave lock. For over 2 yrs it worked perfectly fine. I could control it through the app. I could others codes. Then at some point I tried some new code. I’m not even sure what kind. If I remember correctly it was done sort of app but it very well could have been a device handler. At this point I can’t do anything with it through the app and trying to manually program codes doesn’t seem to work. Additionally the kick sensor is set to high so it goes off constantly. My wife has had enough and wants it fixed but I don’t know how to fix it. Can someone please explain to me step by step how to reset to pick back to factory default and remove it completely from ST so I can start over?

The lock in question is this one Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-In Alarm, Satin Nickel, BE469 CAM 619, Works with Alexa via SmartThings, Wink or Iris

When looking at my device handlers I’m not seeing anything referring to my lock. I’m pretty sure I added one originally? The lock is listed in devices though.

Under smartapps I have ethayer user lock manager and smartthings lock it when I leave. I’d greatly appreciate some help on this one. I have let it be broke because I couldn’t figure out what I need to do and am at a point now where I need to fix it. If you need any more info from me please let me know.

you can manually set this setting directly on the lock touchscreen. If you have the manual, it shows all the settings you can manage. Here is the manual if needed.

which version of his app. He created a newer, simplified version last fall but it has some bugs.

You can also look into using the lock device handler provided by ST - Z-wave Lock. They also provide a very simple Lock app called Smart Locks in the Classic app and Smart Lock Guest Access in the STSC app.

You can also check out @RBoy Lock Manager…

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Yeah the door see button doesn’t work any more. I appreciate all the links but that doesn’t tell me step by step what I need to do. Looks like the self published version shows as 0.2 and the working version shows 0.3. According to the actual code it reads User Lock Manager v4.0.10

If you don’t know what you did to make the lock misbehave, it will be hard for anyone to tell you how to undo it…

The best advice I can offer (especially if you want step-by-step instructions) is to read the manual @JDRoberts linked in for you. You’ll probably want to exclude the lock from your z-wave network first (see the manual) and then reset the lock to default settings (see the manual). Then, before you re-add the lock to your SmartThings setup, delete all the 3rd party lock DTHs and smart apps. That should set you back to like-new configuration so you can start over.

Good luck. My experience with adding these locks to SmartThings (I have 3) is that they can be quite finicky during the join process.

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If the button’s broken one other option would be to use the a custom DTH and SmartApps to remotely change it. Here is one DTH and SmartApp that can do it:

Sorry I should clarify. The button physically works but the settings just don’t change.

Hmm, that’s interesting. Assuming you’re following the instructions in the manual and you’ve tried changing it remotely through SmartThings and both don’t work.

Couple of things to try:

  1. Reset the lock to factory settings
  2. Try changing the alarm mode (off/tamper/alert etc)
  3. Try changing the sensitivity (low, medium high etc)

Do any of them work?

The only thing that works is using the two lock codes that were previously programmed into it though ST before everything borked up. The plan is to clear everything from ST and reset the lock this weekend and readd it. I’m going to delete the apps from ST. I’m then going to remove the device from ST. I’m then going to reset the lock back to factory and then go through the process of adding it all back brand new.

Thanks man. I haven’t had the time to meet with it yet but pay to in the next week or so.

I bought a Schlage BE469NX Camelot Satin Nickel Connect Smart Door Lock with Alarm about two and a half years age. My front door is about 30 ft from my router which is on the second floor, but the lock did work great for about 4 or 5 months. Then even though it would open and close normally it wouldn’t connect back into my ADT Pluses security system. I tried everything that the instructions manual and online videos about this lock told me to do but nothing worked. I call Schlage and they tried very hard to help me to get the lock back into my security system, but nothing worked so the online tech said that my lock was defective, and she was going to send me a new lock. After receiving the new lock, since the old lock would still work for locking and un-locking the door, I installed it on my back door and put the new lock on my front door. This lock also gave me the very same problem as the old lock and for four months I tried very hard to get help from ADT and Schlage to get this lock to work. I even bought two different types of z-wave extenders which didn’t work either. Finally I tried calling Schlage one last time and I spoke with a very nice young lady that told me to take the lock of my front door and sit down next to my computer and router holding the lock in my hand as if it were still on the door. (Keep in mind the instruction manual and the Schlage videos tell you if you move the lock you will need to set it up once again and I ask the young lady about this. She told me not to worry, take it off anyway.) I did as I was told and reset my system, put in the locks programming code and my ADT system found it immediately on the very first try. I reinstalled the lock on my front door and now it works as if it had been apart of the system from the very beginning so I tried doing the same thing to the back door lock which about 40 to 50 away from my router and it also found my system on the very first try. I replaced it back on the door and now both locks are working great. I ended up with two $200.00 lock for the price of one. So, if anyone else has this problem do as I did. After installing the lock on your door and setting it up, take it back off and try programming it into your system and then reinstall it.